Accessory Anchor Points and Palettes Don't Save

Anyone else having trouble with the anchor points/color palette of accessories? I save these changes, but they always revert back to their default anchor point and their color doesn't go to the one I saved it to (it goes to default outfit color). Like I come out of the salon with the changes, but if I select another look and then go back to the one with the changes, the accessories go back to their defaults.

Having the same issues here. Its very annoying, and for me some of the cast parts change every time.

As for now I believe this is a bug, and I think we need to send it as a support ticket to sega.

Same issue, can a GM forward this to a developer?

Since fashion is a big portion of this game, I’m willing to bump this topic for more people to see.

@Pariah-Chan Hehe Same here. This needs to be fixed since it's an option in-game.

This is only a bump.

Anything on this yet?

Bumping as well, this makes changing Looks a nightmare. Adjustments are stored but you have to re-select the bones from the Salon.

@LiIy Yeah, it does. Doesn't make sense.