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The game is wonderful, I'm deeply enjoying playing it and have total faith in your upcoming updates. I'm writing this because I think it's time to implement one important feature in PSO universe, as with NGS we're clearly going through a change.

You push players to enhance the gear, raise BPs, find awesome builds with multi weapons and so on. Amazing, and very fun to do! Watching as our damage increases and realizing how enemies go down faster is a sweet feeling. We're totally missing an important feature though, and let me introduce it with my thought on it:

People love to see results. Humans have been comparing to each other since the beginning of this specie on Earth. There is no other way to see if someone is doing good or bad.

Letting other players know how hard you worked on your gear, or how good you did in that certain UQ, or Gigantix fight. Yes, you can inspect players. But you don't know how actually good or bad is the ARK in front of you.

I think this is fundamental in an mmo to let players compare to each other, grow their reputation in the ships, not forcing them to become youtubers. And this is also a perfect way to keep people playing the game, because they can have a proof that they need to get better, or that they did a great job at learning game mechanics and find their name at the "top 3 damage" or "top 3 damage on weak points", or "top healing". Or even just numbers! With columns of features and sortable rankings to our likings. Give us some numbers at the end of fights! Even if we don't want to compare to other players, let us compare it with ourselves! How better (with numbers ie. total damage) have I done today compared to 3 days ago? There was a reason for the old world of warcraft addon, made by fans, called "damage dealer" becoming so famous. It's been more than 15 years ago for me, yet I still perfectly remember the boost that it gave to the game. And I'm not the only one thinking so. It's been downloaded by millions of players. I hope other ARKS will help me with this post to let it reach developers ears.

Please, add rankings/statistics/numbers at the end of events. (And why not, put an option to disable them)

Thank you for reading.

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Option to disable them isn't an option at all unless that option means your statistics wont even be sent for other people to review. I'm willing to bet thats a dealbreaker to this idea....

This wont be a good addition. But, if its for some kind of PVP content then it's alright.

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@Fross It was the special Risk Field that no one really did anyway

It showed up in mining defense too, though I don't know how much anyone ever paid attention to it.

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@Green-Theater In some quests like the Mining Base Emergency Quests the score is relatively uneven because of how flawed the calculation was. It was primarily for whoever got the last hit on an enemy (meaning if you were a hard-hitter you could potentially scrape most enemies and someone would come in and scrub away points you "almost" earned) or for people who run around collecting crystals rather than fighting.

I don't think it's a bad thing to be at the top of the leaderboards, however, because playing "normally" made it very easy to be at the top (for example if you're a Force, Gunner, or any of the Successor classes who can mob well it was too easy to not be at the top).

I think statistics for something like the party could be nice after the session like what Warframe does (showing things like number of kills, number of headshots, player accuracy, items collected, number of revives, number of deaths, and so on). In Phantasy Star Online 2 some of your rewards were tied to this and some story quests were tied to these as well. I don't think it's a bad idea to be able to see how players performed or to see your own statistics (or records, considering the game tracks a lot of your actions as in-game statistics in an obscure menu). I do have gripes about players judging each other on this (the sort of "oh no, you took a hit, you're a worthless Hero" or "your Techer did not damage, why bother?") but for personal note-taking and gauging your own performance I think it's fun to see.

Perhaps it's an ego-trip to show screenshots of something like a high-speed boss with no damage taken, no healing done, no items used, and having a video to show smooth gameplay. However, I don't see that as a bad thing because players who want to strive for the best they can should be able to. Players who want to chill and relax themselves to just throw what they can at what they want should be able to as well - and I don't see why you can't intersect or why you can't get along with others who are different.


And that's the polite version of what you would see. It's already bad enough we have people acting nasty towards each other over Gigantix enemies.

@Green-Theater said in Results/Stats/Rankings after Events:

The more I think about your '' dick measurement '' the more Im shocked... Do you realize how absurd is your statement? Asking to bring statistics into a videogame... Dick measurement? Do you realize it's a 99% of games (video, board, cards etc..) have numbers or a ranking system, otherwise where is the game? Dick measurement... What do I have to read.

Obviously you've never done raids or PvP in an MMO. Yes, it is exactly that. Comparing points doesn't add anything but the chance for people so inclined to jump down someone elses throat.

"I just want to see how well I did to improve!" means that you don't need to see how others did. Otherwise we get "Humans have been comparing to each other since the beginning of this specie on Earth. There is no other way to see if someone is doing good or bad.". What ensues is what always ensues, tribal hatred. The good ol' "casuals" vs. "hardcore" players. Let's avoid that, shall we? Oh wait, the developers already did that so we don't need to worry about it.

I think this game is largely targetted at the casual audience and I guess maybe this would upset them.

If there's any kind of a group ranking at the end of UQs it needs to be mostly anonymous. You should be able to tell where you ranked among everyone based on total damage, but you shouldn't be able to tell anything about the players above or below you. Maybe you can see their name IF you have them friended. The problem with any kind of feature like this is that it can always be used in toxic ways.

That said, I would really love to have some kind of a personal DPS meter with history feature to allow me to view the last X runs/kills of a given UQ, cocoon or field boss. It's really hard to figure out an optimal rotation without any kind of stat tracking.

@Xaelon said in Results/Stats/Rankings after Events:

It's really hard to figure out an optimal rotation without any kind of stat tracking.

So long as it's not for ranking, I'd quite like something like this too. I'm still wondering which PAs are better in some situations for some weapons.

I rather have personal statistics, but definitely not a leaderboard. I dont need to see anyone shamed for having a certain DPS, by toxic players.

The personal statistic should also include the amount of times you downed an enemy. Thats something I would like