BP 1400 club

Looks like its really Mastery 2 that made the difference (I haven't put it yet). I reduced damage tho, its not that significant(yet) but increasing your BP will reduce your maximum damage.


I'm only BP 1377. But other than the augments I'm missing/can upgrade a bit, I have to agree that at a certain point, you do indeed lose damage for BP (Not that it's a new concept in any mmo to lose actual damage for just increasing Ilvl, Gear score, BP, etc...) I'm running mostly Tech 2, alt screta 2, Nex soul 2, Gigas technique 1s on the majority of my gear. I'm missing 3 augment slots entirely because of units being +20. I would assume anyone +40 across the board with 7.5% worth of their damage % upgrades in place, is sitting in a worthwhile spot until they drop new gear that will take us to the next stage. (upper rarity/level increase)

@aksb_sado im using mastery 3, but only 1 since not enough stock 😕

@Forever-Chòe Yeah. I was about to edit my earlier posts. It was mastery 3. Also had mine go to 1495 BP with it. Manage to get a mastery 3 for a very cheap price so I tested it. It looks like Mastery 3 gives 12 BP just like the previous mentioned.

The only trade off is I lost some melee potency which is not that significant when comparing it to my previous damage.

Overall if you want to have the maximum BP you could get you will trade it off for other stats.


@aksb_sado are you sure mastery 3 give 12 BP? what did u swap it out with. seem to me like it gives in between the range of 9-11 BP

@Forever-Chòe It seems to be at least 11 or 12. I didn't put Dread Keeper II on my weapon since I it already had Mastery III on it. Assuming DK2 is 8 or 9 BP then it added 4 or 3 on mine respectively.

So Mastery III on all of your equips will give 1504 which is probably the max BP we could get with the current equips.

@aksb_sado thats weird because it gave me 3 extra BP replacing DK2 which lead me to believe mastery 3 give 12. But fun fact DKII only give you 7 or 8 BP depend on ur equipment. I have tested this using 2 exact pieces of armor with no augment and put dk2 in 1

@Forever-Chòe So it seems to be Mastery 3 is 12 BP unless there are decimals on the BP scaling. I have a similar weapon that only swapped Mastery3 to DK2 and it gives me 1492 BP. If that's the case then Forms Soul 2 is the best option for a melee class since it will only give the same amount of BP which is 8. It's cheaper compared to DK2 too.

So I am currently assuming Mastery 1 = 6 and Mastery 2 = 9.

If my numbers are correct then 1498 is attainable with Mastery 2 on other equips but I would probably save it until a new weapon/armor series comes out since everyone could possibly get 1500 BP easily after that.

Addition: Apparently Mastery 2 and DK 2 are the same in terms of BP which is 8 or 9. (I tested it and I need to stop it already LOL). In conclusion, the only thing needed to increase your BP from 1495 is Mastery 3.

@aksb_sado yeah swapping from dk2 to mastery 3 give u extra 3 BP, however DK2 only give 7 or 8 BP which mean mastery 3 is 10-11 BP

swiki don't have complete data yet, but at this point they are stating that DK1 = 7, DK2 = 7.5, Ability/Mastery 3 = 10

I am curious.

What is the base BP one gets from equipping three Greant (Giga) Units at +40 and a Straga weapon + 40 without any augmentations on all four?

@CheekiestCarp0 Not sure but it depends if Straga will have potential or not.

With potential you might reach between 1300-1350. Without it you might get less.

@HarmlessSyan I think Mastery 3 = 11 or 12 as mentioned. It might be even 10.5 because of how NGS sometimes rounds off and not some augments.

such a waste of meseta, as soon as 5 stars come out all this juiced up gear will be meaningless. All you need to do is get a decent bp to do whatever the most current end game content is. Although, i guess it doesnt matter if your a whale, but for f2p its way too expensive to go all +40 units.. Dont need it anyway as certain gigas only have a single 1 shot skill you need to block to stay alive as melee. Can face tank all the other lesser attacks if you choose.

Even if new content requires 1450+bp, you can easily enhance until your there. I saved pages and pages of 4* units just in case I need to instantly get up there. If the bp requirement is lower than 1450 then I can simply begin farming my 5* gear and will have saved a ton of meseta.

@Hado90 You dont need Mastery III to have 1450 bp and nothing required to get that requires having "whale" pockets...