BP 1400 club

The sad thing to battle power right now is that if the system took into account all those Level 1 - 5 mods that do not count as augs on weapons and units, we all would by all rights between at least 1450 to well beyond 1500+ I mean, just a level 1 Fixa Attack gives +2% potency, and that helps out a lot.

I just realized I hit 1418 yesterday after grinding my last unit to 40.

@aksb_sado Mastery 3 i can say for sure give 10-11, not 12.

9fa0ec39-53b6-48d6-9ab7-9e2526c98c3b-image.png This is running 3 Mastery 3

See alot of you been doing math homework coolbeans. Just to mention I have survive a swing of gigantix on my beefy hunter. Invest in gear wisely some armor give stats before you pop a stat on them. Play to what fits your bill.

To Burst or To not Burst is the question

BP 1388 - event side tracked me no complains

Update - BP 1400 now next goal 1450 jeesh.. Lol

Right now at 1477 BP, and likely the highest I'll be getting since I dont want to use more than 1 Gigant unit, and not chasing mastery III.

Actually, I still have a dread keeper I to upgrade to II.

@Forever-Chòe Yeah. I saw someone with 1500 just now. Maybe its you. LOL. By any chance you changed your Ael Domina to Lighting Exploit?

@Hado90 I don't get the point why not maxing out your armors to +40 . It's fairly cheap that even if you are a F2P player you could max out all your equips. Even without Mastery 3 the maximum you could get is around 1490 I believe, but if you will go full attack its 1486. We don't know when SEGA will release the 5 star weapons, best guess is that it will be on late December or early January.

@Forever-Chòe I can't believe you seriously did put three Mastery 3 on your armors. LOL. I'm not attempting to since I would probably put it on new armors when they release one (if it's better than Geant). But its good to know. But I also think that Mastery 3 is either 11 or 11.5 it sometimes add's 2 or 3 in your BP.

Gonna be hella fun times when SEGA releases the next content to have status ailments and bosses that hit multiple times, effectively killing you if you cant take 2-3 hits before being able to use a Resta.

Geant build is fun.

Its also a Trap.

Oh SEGA you.

Im at 1458 myself but saving my Mastery 3s for better armors. I currently always have 600+ HP and 135+ PP using Vialto. Spite the Potency loss, I outdamage Geant wearing Hunters easily.


Cuz finding lv 4 or higher Fixa on Geants is near impossible without someone taking it for themselves or scalping it. Since I have nearly 20 percent PP Reduction, I never have to spam basic attacks to keep PP up, can constantly do Two PAs to Combo Finishers.

And if a Giga does hit me, well, I can tank 3-4 hits before I have to Resta, most everyone else pretty much dies to 2, even just 1 basic hit, yeea.....

Im looking forward to defense missions.

@aksb_sado yes i changed ael domina to lightning exploit since i got 1.5k bp no reason to keep that bp anymore xD.

@Forever-Chòe You're the guy with the "BP? Over 9000" on the name? I saw he already have 4 Mastery 3. LOL.

@Guardian Same. I'm just saving my Mastery 3 for now incase they release new armors better than Geant., probably 5 star weapons/armor. It will be a waste since its hard to get Mastery 3 due to the resources we got now to convert to Mastery 3 (unless you directly buy them to people).

@aksb_sado yeh thats me. i made 5 mastery 3 lol. i have 2 weapon with bother master 3 now

@Forever-Chòe I talked to you in-game a few weeks ago when waiting for gigantix. LOL. So you're the one buying all those mastery II and III on the player shop. I'm just saving mine for now, will probably wait for Braver or a new armor set and see where to put it.