BP 1400 club


these augments or eqv. on everything


and this are 7,5%=7%x3 Units+ Weapon=28%.

Missing 15%.

@Kupo-0 the max any augment gives is 2%, and anything that is 1.5% is rounding down to 1 atm (which is being investigated). It would have to be all 2%'s which will give 32%, then 3 Giant units for another 6%, and then SOMEHOW fixa attack lvl5 which would explain the last 5%, but fixa attack isnt displaying there. I have Fixa Attack lvl5 weapon so I can verify that. Unless they got it to display somehow, theres really not anything else that would give that last 5%

@AngryRhombus563 i have 43% tec with those 3 on a full glass cannon set up, the units are 6% total and strega rod with no affixia


@Kupo-0 Sega Ok... Figured it out. Sega is doing Math different in different places.

On the Units themselves, they are rounding any x.5% potencies down before putting the value into the formula, which makes all those 1.5% add only 1 when displayed on the unit. But when displayed on the character screen, its actually rounding them up before putting into the formula, which is turning all 1.5's into 2's when adding them to the formula. pso2_2021.07.02-03.56.jpg This should be 6%, but unit shows 5% while char screen shows 7% xD

Technically if they werent just bad you should be at 36%, not 43%.

Theres also some other weird things going on when equipping each unit individually.

I got one unit that should be 6.5, its being rounded to 7 as the first unit.

I got another unit thats exactly 7. Equip, now at 14.

I have 2 other units I can chose from each with different levels tho. One should be 5%... but it wants to give me 6%. The other should be 6%, but it wants to give me 7%... I also have a totally non-upgraded gigant units that should be 2%, but it wants to give me 3% according to the character screen.

After all of sega's bad math is done, youre recieving, possibly only visually, an extra 5%. I was assuming you'd have a fixa lv5 weapon that fixa attack isn't being added to this (i have one too).

I'm also going to shove this into the relative forum post.

i think that Ra/Fo BP 1480 using these augments: Precision III/Gigas Precision II/Ael Domina/Pettas Soul II on Geant armors and Straga weapon

@EvilTeresa yea, but that would actually yield 36, not 43. What weapon seires being used doesnt give any different bonus amounts

@AngryRhombus563 this happens on the 3rd unit of the same type, so i thought it was sort of a hidden set bonus stats.PNG

@AngryRhombus563 yeah it could only be 36%, Sega's math so weird right now, even if it lvl5 fixa attack 5% could show it could still only be 41%, even that 1480 BP Ra/Fo it other potencies have 13% when it should be 12% with 4x1,5% potency augment+3x Geant units that gives 2%

@Kupo-0 The addition starts to break at the 3rd item overall. If your weapon was the 3rd item it would still show something it shouldnt. And if you look on the actual unit its likely showing 9%, not 13%. It would correctly be 9.5%

also, https://forum.pso2.com/topic/13180/does-sega-know-how-to-count-wrong-potency-on-weapon/15 to contribute woes there.

if its a problem with the math, then wouldnt the geant armour being 2.5% and not 2% cause this?

i wonder if 3 identical units with same augments 4/4 could somehow bug to give extra stats of same augments what you have put on units(let say augments are Precision III (2% range potency),Gigas Precision II (2% range potency),Pettas Soul II (2% range potency) and Ael Domina (1,5% all potency)), that could kinda explain that extra 7,5% what we get from some reason, i mean if units have 7,5% potency and if we have 3 identical units that somehow could bug to think that there extra 7,5% it could become that 30% and if we add 3x unit's bonus 2% and 7,5% on weapon it could become 43.5% since game dont count 0,5% it could show only 43%, it kinda could explain too how that Ra/Fo have 13%(13,5% but it couldnt show since game dont show 0.5% ) potencies on melee and tec when it should be only 12%

Sorry I have no idea what he got ...the chat was very busy at the time and didn't want to spam that question. When I see him I'll ask what he got, but I think Kupo might be on something. All I know is that he has a full glass cannon set and Resurgir. I'm still trying to make a domina set but the drop rate of notes is abysmal for me.

Currently at 1486. I don't know if I could stretch it out to atleast 1500 BP. Does switching from Dread Keeper 2 to Ael Domina increase my BP?

I'm Fo/Gu btw, I'm just using hunter since I'm practicing with sword for now.


@Enforcer581 said in BP 1400 club:

1421 myself. Not hard gunning it for higher, though, but just doing what I can to bring it up.

+40 all equips and good augments. I think by just +40 all your equips and augments might land you to 1400+.