PSO2: A few touch-ups


Keeping PSO2 around is great, but I was just wondering about a few things, as PSO2 has a lot of content which is now permanently inaccessible. Not all of it is "relevant", but it would be nice to play it. Furthermore, we're missing a few things on Global too which would make playing PSO2 much nicer.

Access to Limited-Time Quests and Urgent Quests

With no more updates for PSO2, there's a lot of Limited-Time Quests and Urgent Quests which are permanently inaccessible. They have some old triggers floating around, but what about once those are dried up?

I'd like to suggest adding triggers for quests such as "Special Breakthrough Training: Episode 6", "Darkness of Revelry", "Endless Nightmare", among others, to the Rising Weapon Badge Shop. It would also be great if we could get triggers of quests we missed from Japan, such as the Breakthrough Trainings for Episode 1 to 5.

This would also apply to the urgents -- especially because certain augments are now unobtainable such as the slayers and reapers (which we never got all of on Global!). I'd like to see those make an appearance once again.

Parity Droptable for quests such as Cradle of Darkness

On the Japanese servers, Cradle of Darkness gives some nice resources such as Divide Medals and Buster Medals. This is great, because playing that content currently with other people is extremely difficult to do due to the reduced population. These updated quests can be ran solo or low-man if necessary, so it would be great to see them drop the same resources as JP.

50,000 Alliance Point Cap

On Global, we sttill do not have this feature which JP does. We still have a cap of 4,500 alliance points. This makes alliance points close to unusable now, as most alliances are on NGS, and watering the Photon Tree or buying things from the Alliance Shop has an absurd cost considering the activity on PSO2.

While it wouldn't fix everything, I'd like to see the cap raised to 50,000 just like JP.

Scaling Urgent Quests

With the low population of PSO2 now, it can be difficult to fill up Urgent Quests when they do pop, or when you use a trigger to run something you need. It would be much appreciated if the Urgent Quests in PSO2 can scale just like they do in NGS. There's already precedent for scaling from quests such as Violent Tremor and A Broken World of Twisted Shadows, so it would be nice to see it done to most content.

Of course, many people did enjoy tackling 12P content alone with the original scaling, so maybe this could be toggled in some way?

Lumincrystal Grania in the Gold Prize Medal Shop

For some reason, we do not have this on Global. On JP, you can buy 1 Grania Crystal a week with Gold Prize Medals, meaning you are able to make up to 2 Klauz weapons a month. Here, we can only get the 4 from the Divide shop meaning we are limited to 1 a month.

Maybe this could be fixed?


PSO2 is "finished" now, so I feel there's no real need to timegate some things anymore. This is related to the above, but some examples are:

  • Augment Transfer Passes
  • Lumincrystal Grania
  • 500,000 EXP tickets

And so on and so forth. It would be appreciated if you could just buy these things infinitely now -- it's not like there's any major reason to keep them limited the way they are.

Missing Equipment on Global

On Global, we never received certain equipment with "fixed PAs", or a lot of old-type items. For the former, these things are nice for people who like to challenge themselves in Time Attacks or Endless Quests, while the latter had a lot of fashion that people wanted to transmute weapons for.

For example, the Katana エレヌバティナ (Eren Batina) is a popular choice for Morning Mistreaver, and many would like to see the Double Saber ダブル=カノン (Double Cannon) make a return for cosmetic purposes.

Excube Shop Sorting

At the Excube Exchange, everything is all in one shop. On the JP severs, the items are split into many categories. Could we also have this?


There's no way to get Furnishing anymore. I feel like a 3rd rewind with all the furniture sets would be great, especially since we got some unreleased themes in the Blast set which have no accompanying furniture as it was never released (looking at you, Classic Theme C).

I don't actually expect any of these updates, but it would be great to see old content return and have some touch ups for PSO2. PSO2 is still being monetised, so I feel it's only proper to get some odd quality of life every so often!

I really do feel that the game going into "life support mode" should've been given much more end-of-life quality-of-life changes than it has currently gotten. I'm not expecting brand new Emergency Quests or new and unseen content from before, but I feel that we really should have been able to jump right into where the Japanese version was in terms of how their cleaner menus are organized (like the Excube Shop), that we should have gotten the same exchanges they did for things like weapon camos, and that we should have been able to get access to every Emergency Quest as a trigger. There are definitely some quests still missing (like the Magatsu fight) because they can be abused for easy Excubes - but it then baffles me why Cradle of Darkness is a thing if that were to be a problem.

I really think a lot of the changes you suggest make sense for the game's end-of-life state and would like to have seen at least more support from Sega regarding Phantasy Star Online 2 because it effectively feels like they pulled out the rug from everyone and expected everyone to still jump back and forth between the original game and New Genesis. The market in Global is still a mess, a great deal of cosmetics (like weapon camos) from previous scratches aren't available in a rewind, event-related or special weapon camos like the Successor class camos aren't obtainable in any way.

I would love if Sega addressed these and allowed players who are still on Phantasy Star Online 2 to be able to experience the game and its content as though it were a full game - and not a shell of what it "used" to be especially when you take in to account the limited and campaign quests that don't exist or were run on Global.