(NGS) Can't see all 32 people, xbox one

Fighting gigantix with 32 people and I can usually see people during a fight ,but between I can only see 8 people out of a lobby of 32 all standing near each other waiting. They told me a setting, but I don't remember it, because I think it was called something else on xbox. A bubble complimented me, and I couldn't see them, rude.

There's a "max detailed model display" that goes to 32, but still can't see everyone.

So I thought I'd ask here if there was a way to fix it, to see all 32 people in a gathering zone. Thanks!

I don't think you want to see all 32 models in your screen, the more models are more process power is needed and your fps is seriously affected if your hardware can't handle so if you want to see the game running for around 1 fps to see all the models is best to have reduced quantity to at least let you play the game.

@Jamesmor so the answer to where the setting is, is don't use the setting? I just need to know what I'm looking for, I understand it puts strain, but im also not always playing, and standing for an hour waiting for a gigantox lol so I just wanted to see everyone

The setting is apparently on PC, but not on consoles. It's just under the max detailed display models, under exploration or something. My PC friends have the setting but I don't on console. I would like to change how many models I see, and how detailed they are as well.