Implement an action cancellation and attack recovery PLEASE!!!

I'm getting really tired of getting stuck in an attack animation or item animation with no way to cancel the animation to dodge. Its like telling the enemy, "Hey get your free shot in because I can't stop this action from ending." It would be nice to dodge to cancel healing and ability animations especially with the harder bosses chaining attacks together and not being able to do anything about it. Even a ground and air recovery would be nice to have as well due to being chain attacked. The dumbest deaths are always due to these things and I play with a party who struggle with the same predicament or are we just the only one?

That's kinda the point of the animation though. Just like in Monster Hunter and other similar games, you need to pick your moments to heal. Also smaller -Mates have a shorter drinking animation, so if you're not 100% sure you're going to get away unscathed, use mono mate instead of like, a Tri.

Also the intention is - have a friend with you. You want free healing? Get a Force with Resta. You protect them in their cast animation, you get the free heal.

When it comes to attacks, learn how to get out of them. Some can be cancled, some can't. Learn which ones can, and learn when to commit to it. Braver's massive wind up overhead slash can be cancled out of with a quick dash, as a quick and dirty example.

You have to pick your actions better and when to do them. Some photon arts are cancellable, some through dodging, some through weapon actions/guarding, and some aren't cancellable. You have to adapt to each situation, pick photon arts that are easily cancellable for dangerous situations, and use non-cancellable powerful attacks when the bosses are vulnerable.

@LilPika Yeah but in moster hunter you can cancel the heal action as soon as it starts to dodge.

@Mentalmistake But you still need to wait for a certain point on it. Each attack, item, dodge, everything has a commitment to it and YOU need to learn when to make those commitments and when it's a risky move.

If you're eating attacks while locked in place - you made a risky move. It's not a problem tbh, that's just a part of the game to me.

By the way, which class are you using? Which weapon type and photon arts you regularly use?

I use fighter class, the weapons depend on what collection I'm doing. The photon arts are usually quick, one grab and maybe one that does heavy damage

@LilPika Yeah but when your "safe" after or during the boss attacks the time for the bosses next hit action is faster than the heal.

@Mentalmistake Yeah, same as it is in most of these kind of games. If the boss is going for you, it's not safe. Have a force look after you, use a mono rather than a Tri, let someone else in your party take agro, use terrain if possible (Rarely is in this game).

Sometimes you eat the attack and that's normal. That's Fighter and Hunter for you. If you anticipate taking THAT much damage, plan further ahead and work your heals into your rotation rather than using them reactivly?

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Even a ground and air recovery

But it does exist...

Also, welcome to a game where free actions don't exist.

@LilPika I know its inevitable getting hit and at times taking significant damage with melee classes. I don't use them as soon as I'm hit or about to die. I know from playing Dark Souls games, but not cancelling a heal as soon as it's pressed would be a nice change.

You will learn to anticipate rather than to react. It comes with experience.

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@Reilet What is it?

Skill tree, there's skills that don't cost skill points (they require certain levels to be unlocked) to recover during a knockback by pressing jump.

alt text

... They are even free skills, and one of them you have by default.