Ranger, Tips & Tricks.

Hello! I'm going to be playing a CAst Ranger. Does anyone or would anyone like to give some helpful tips and tricks for Ranger class? Weapons, MAG builds, viable subclasses etc. Thank you!

Viable Subclasses: Hu or Et (Et not in beta atm) Viable weapons: Both rifles and Launchers have their strengths and weaknesses. A professional Ranger knows when to use which. Mag build: Focus purely on Rng Power. if your dex becomes too high feed it Dimate Skills: Weak Bullet is your bread and butter. Avoid "First Hit" as party members can screw you over with this one.

Summoner is a viable sub option which gives you shifta, anti, resta, passive hp regen, and a separate stacking damage ability to pair with Weak Bullet. Also, the best item for lowering dex on a R-Atk mag is Mushroom Tables which can be purchased from the furniture shop for just 400 meseta each.


Hunter is the best all around subclass for Ranger thanks to its defensive capabilities (something ranger lacks all together) and fury stance (a huge boost to just about all the damage a Ranger will do).

ra/hunter for super armor activation skills, hunter also has a skill that prevents death if it activates and it also has a skill that heals you up if you take more than half of your hp in damage timed attacks also do more damage, If you miss a timed attack you do lose a damage buildup bonus.

ranger/phantom kinda works if you want extra photon points along with rapid casting techniques like the healing and cure technique, attack photon recovery becomes ridiculous if you have either a launcher or a spread needle. You are squishier with no halfline automate or hunters anti ohko skill. You can actually go in battle without carrying monomates if your healing technique is maxed out. Also with the right amount of photon points you can end up reaching about more crit rate than with the other subclasses. But still the amount of damage you can get with this subclass is nominal but it could be better, you still don't suffer as much as you would if you miss a timed attack.

ranger/summoner is strictly for bossing, back in the japanese game, the added defense from the class combination allows ranger to have more staying power point assist also boosts status damage from burn/poison and techniques, non timed attacks, but using it correctly requires a bit of micromanagement. multi target damage does suffer if you choose this class combination. investing in the right skill allows you to gain super armor while using a healing drink with the summoner class, but you also have access to techniques but cast them way slower than a ranger with phantom as a subclass.

Etoille gives added damage to attacks if you time them correctly, it also has ungodly defense which makes it so you don't easily get taken out. You're at the mercy of using monomates at your own discretion with that subclass.

Thanks everyone, and a couple questions. Is Weak bullet a disc you have to find or something I pick up in the Skill Tree? And second, I watched a few videos of Pso2 about rangers and they always used a spread/shotgun and say it's really good for light mobs. But I only had Gunblades, Rifles and Launcher.

@Aperture-Mage the weak bullet is something you get from your skill tree. In NA it's called Blight Rounds.

The launcher is what you use for light mobs as a Ranger, the shotgun/spread are special types of launchers that very rarely drop from specific bosses. They add more shots and allow for much faster pp regeneration onto of more aoe and damage.

@Azuraerun okay! Thank you. I saw Blight Rounds, and they worked just like weak bullet. I just thought maybe it was a weaker ability than weak bullet so I didn't wanna level it just in case. Now I know though, thanks a bunch!

You'll want to use the TPS/OTS camera mode, for Launcher especially. Rifle you may or may not be fine with the lock on system, though personally I find it gets in the way more often than not. But for Launcher, the majority of your attacks should be aimed in the middle of a group of mobs, NOT directly at a mob, which the regular camera will make you do every single time.

Just wondering if i am messing something up with my Blight Rounds. I have the skill maxed out but when ever I try to set it up on my sub plaette it never shows up. I can use my grenades, healing items, mag but no Blight Rounds. I think its strange that a game thats been out for over 8 years has so little information to be found. I get its probably mostly in JP but there were enough players in english that we should have adequate guides from basic play, to where to go for what mission, and what weapons and armor you should be looking for.

@ETLuallen That sounds like a bug. When setting up your subpallette, Blight Rounds should be in the same tab as your Grenades.

This might be a TL;DR for some, but wall of text incoming about Launcher superiority. This is also coming from the perspective of a level 75, so keep in mind some of my later advice will only hold true after you can gear yourself appropriately.

Dodge Roll (Or whatever Dodge it is for other trees, regardless). I can't stress it enough. It cancels long cast timers on launchers, and lets you get out of otherwise frame-locked attacks on other weapons. This is key on how I personally play my Ranger. I have not long played the other weapon types because of to me, the lack of DPS is astounding (maybe assault rifles can keep time if they stack bullets right), so I do not have much of an informed opinion on those things. Take that with a grain of salt. I've been playing since launch on NA, and I played Japanese awhile as a Launcher Ranger too, so this is all personal experience and me watching everybody else's DPS with hawk vision.

As I specialize in launchers and I have potential'd my launcher for Cosmos Breaker for the extra damage - it only costs like 30ish pp per shot of Cosmos - if you get good with dodge roll cancelling up in their grill, you can rapid fire off four or five of these bad boys and the damage is insane (couple 100k or more tallies), more than a charged lightning force rapid firing. Lightning forces have higher spike damage by far (so for DPS, that's the real ticket for big booms), but I find Launcher Rangers are the most "consistent sustain" DPS on the market, with Summoner coming up with pets nibbling at their heels. They never drop to low end DPS, their lowest hits being 8-10k around level 75 (which is most then other people's high criticals oftentimes on normal auto attacks, so take that as you will).

Lightning Forces are the only class that can out DPS me consistently, and I sit near the top each time during any UQ or SHAQ+50. Launchers are quite honestly, even though I main one, stupidly OP and quite quite silly at the moment. I shouldn't say this, but I would even be fine with a nerf as I can understand why it would be warranted. I win each mining event UQ I participate in by long shots because of group shots of 20-40k+ (or at the minimum, usually taking 2nd place). This is not me tooting my own horn, I assure you. Perhaps a bit of fanboying, slightly. But no tooting.

Truth be told, anyone could hit this high in DPS, using a Launcher, with the right affixes and tree setup. Also, please subclass hunter - best damage synergy by far and an "OHKO" skill that keeps you at 1hp in case you slip up. As you have to be up in the enemies faces as well as distancing for max DPS, that 1 hit HP skill (Iron Will I think?) has saved me more times than I care to admit, against bosses like Luther's spinning merry-go-round that can 1 shot if they connect.

For added DPS, use Enhance Attack (Normal Attack Potency Ring) and Launcher Nonweak Bonus as Rings (Enabled weak hits in more spots across the enemies bodies). Those, with a set of Brissa units (which you can farm through Rising Weapons Badges, so save them up!) and a Shooting drive (Unique Badge Launcher), you'll hit as high as I do and laugh at how simple it is. I really wish I could convert a legion of Rangers into Launcher Specialists. We could roll any event or mission faster than even a summoner pet can get to them (which is, astoundingly quick believe it or not). Rotation -->Normal attack (timed perfect hits) and Triple-shot. Use cosmos breaker if getting mobbed or bossing for DPS spikes. Some would argue Divine Launcher, but its slow and only does like 80-120k per shot, and triple does a guaranteed 25-30k per shot, 3 times in rapid succession and can be spammed. This is a no-contest to me.

I tried the other weapon types, I did. I just could not get into them. This is our bread and butter I feel. Try it, I bet you won't be disappointed!

@xX-Shimus-Xx Thank you for that nice block of info. I too am a dedicated "Launcher Ranger!"

o/ =^.^=

I have the Nox launcher and assault rifle. The launcher seems to blow it out of the water so far.

@xX-Shimus-Xx Honestly you've made a fairly compelling case here. I've been widely avoiding the Launcher because, in my opinion, it's slow, unwieldy, and therefore "completely useless" except as a one-punch gimmick on weak enemies. I like the literal "run and gun" approach that Rifles afford. I figure I don't have to worry about getting hit too often if I'm never in the same spot for long (although I pay for it when I do get hit. Hunter Subclass "Fury Stance" is great for the damage boost but they're not kidding when they call it a "glass cannon." Hit hard, just don't get hit back. Which..isn't always an option. Given that, stick with the Rifle because it's very mobile. Launchers are very much "all or nothing." Either you're a sitting duck spitting death, or you're on the run and 100% harmless because attacking and moving are mutually exclusive.

But, maybe I should give it a chance.