Salon not saving one of both bodies

I decided to change my character appearance recently made sure to edit the new and old body sliders (unsynced both bodies so i could make both bodies look good), and acepted the changes while using a NGS outfit, once outside the salon i decided to use an old pso2 outfit and that's when i realliced nonde of the changes i did to the old body where saved, so now not only my character has 2 different heights, but also 2 skintones. So I wasted a free salon pass and now I'll have to waste my last sg to fix my character's looks.

It super complicated, had to enter and exit the salon in each body for it to remember it. 😕

Yeah, you turn off auto-sync, make changes to the body you want, and leave the salon with the edited body to save it. If premium, you can edit the rest of the bodies on your "re-edit" time period to save them all for free.