The Top of Central City

Have other people made it to the top of Central City? Like I mean the tippy top of the tower, because it was a pain to get here. An achievement to tout a horn at I'm sure.

alt text

I actually did it. 2 ways in fact. One by actually by climbing the tower. The other was going outside the city, climb the tallest mountain, and then glide to the top of the tower.

It’s pretty shocking to see a meseta bot all the way up there sometimes. XD

I assume when they're up there they're too far away to show up on the 'nearby players' window, but close enough that you still have to suffer through their bot-spam.

@jaykat Yep, the bots get parked up there to try to avoid being report spammed, but there is a trick, you can see them on the Nearby Players list while inside the command room.

@LazerRay I found that out by complete accident.