Hello all!! I am Lord Bungie aka Capt Pootie Tang and I am with an alliance called Covid-19. Covid-19 was created in order to help unite the many of us that have been affected by this virus in one way or another. Wether its from catching it, becoming jobless from it, schoolless, or just social distancing yourself, this alliance has a special spot for you. So wether new or old, let's fight this fight with good hearty gaming and conqueror this pso universe one breath at a time.

Currently looking for people of any skill class willing to help make this alliance grow. Thru alliance orders and those willing to teach, as well as admins, I am in need of you.

Xb gt: Lord bungie In game id: omegasraft Char name: capt Pootie tan Discord channel: Covid-19 PSO2 https:/discord.gg/thdPvBH