So I just want to point out how completely worthless steam is at verifying file integrity when it comes to client based games. I'm not stuck waiting as it downloads the entire game again because it thought I was missing everything. It did this when I first started playing back in March where steam chooses to reinstall the entire game because it failed to detect any game files since the launcher apparently moves them ( I know they're there, I was looking at them in the Sega folder ).

Okay that aside, I was on this morning and everything was golden. Hop off to get lunch come back and go to log in again and it's taking forever to load my ship when it pops up a 446 error prompting me to close the game out and relaunch. This fixed nothing obviously which lead to me googling my problem and only finding a single thread on the topic saying it may relate to the local files (which lead to my current issue of steam being a POS at times).

So I'm just curious since there's so little on this, has anyone else experienced this and what was your work around? Cuz obviously using steam to validate files was the wrong choice of action to take.

EDIT - The clean reinstall fixed it. Anyone in the future who has this issue, hopefully something a little less painful solve it for you! Try deleting the cache files in the Sega folder first before jumping to what I did.