Alright, so after a week and a half I must admit this mmo has a lot of strengths. This isn't going to be a rant on the ups and downs of this game but I read enough of others views about NGS.

Now, so far the world is beauty for the areas we have access to thus far and as an xbox 1 player max settings does it every time. Japan you capture a gem and shown the world congrats.

Anyway, the class thus far are legit but I haven't test force yet. Movement and position is more important then racking up +40 4* gear as the less time you are away or down from the DOLL the better you are in Burst phases later to come.

The group experience gameplay wise been healthy speaking from Ship 1. I tag team content with 3 alts, 2 out 3 are max in both main and sub. Some moments I prefer Fi/Gu then others I get my bushido blade on via Hunter with help from Techner.

All in all the combat keep me engage and thats what matters when questing for hours. Get bored switch weapon functionality heck auto chat some slogans while cleaning up a crowd of DOLLS. This may be normal PSO stuff to veterans but Im new to the game series.

Now Gigantix is entertaining, its endgame mmo raiding 101 some with previous MMO experience know this. I like the weather idea like when it thunderstorm you hear echos of loud sound pounding the ground. All the panic emotes pop up "its here" like this was Micheal Jackson in his hay day. So far Im 2 out of 5 in beating it in encounters. Gives me something to look forward too after Im done going broke on gear upgrades and unique costumes.

I travel every where the magic clear looking windows allow me to go a.k.a. the game content barrier. Cant wait to see what they cooking up in the next 2 months with braver class and mag changes. The web link event I curious to know more about too. If you on the fence about login "DO IT". The events now are good for the time being, ton of free items to obtain, and most of all it will give you time to settle in before december content update.

Not enough when cap at 20 and chasing Gigantix well work on funny symbol art and becoming a run way model. Take pictures and just explore the mountain tops or tight up you skill set and timing on fights.

Although truth be told after I get to a nice mid group with weapons and units I'm going to play throwback pso2 to become an OG.

Chime out