First, I really like the New Genesis evolution on phantasy star and can’t wait for new regions and growth of the open world, it’s almost hard to contain the possibilities. My suggestions for classes is something that I have thought about a lot lately after going back to pso2 gates and besides realizing that It was way more challenging to return to the play style from before. I also realized how hard I worked when the release of phantom and etoile classes where added, I wasn’t as experienced as longer players so had to work hard to level up two classes all the way. My suggestion is about those classes, although they lack the history and I’m sure many players have classes that they have deeply connected too for much longer. However, the newer classes have only been relatively recent to the phantasy star world. After all the anticipation that started when announcing them and then finally having the chance to use them, it has been such a relatively short chance to experience them, and now with how much of a struggle leaving NGS feels I can’t help but feel the loss of those classes is more significant. Yes multi-weapon enhancements make certain aspects obtainable without the specific class but still it feels like it’s missing in many ways.

Making those classes available sooner rather than later let’s the most recent release of the Phantasy Star worlds merge with most significant new paths from both worlds available in this game changing experience.

Equipment that players have from past pso2 gameplay that can still be utilized when crossing over would add a much larger amount of weapon diversity to the limited arsenal of NGS if the transition was less complex. Setting aside augments & potential unlock elements the weapons from the past game should be more accurate on the surface level. Base stats that players see on their gear should be more accurate so they compare better to the weapons obtained in NGS. If a sword I had in PSO2 does an average of x damage vs a NGS swords damage to the same enemies make it more comparable because as it sits, the damage shows as being less than a primm weapon but on reality has an dmg output higher than a 4 star from NGS. My suggestion for a clearer base dmg display is to make transitioning a much more clear and quick comparison, with the current system Players would need to use every weapon in their inventory against an enemy and then use the highest NGS weapon and compare damage output case by case. That requires a lot of time and is not efficient when having to keep comparing as you enhance your NGS Gear. I don’t want an unfair advantage given against new players who start with phantasy star in NGS but just the chance for the work put in on our gear we can bring over to more balanced and comparable so we can pick between gear with less deep diving and work. With NGS weapons being so limited in its current new born state, the diversity can be carried over from PSO2 as a way of overcoming its current limit. If all NGS players are just using the NGS gear and carryover high level gear is not used because it’s not evident that it’s performance is comparable everyone using then same weapons removes one of the best parts of pso2 (the diverse and visual diversity of characters,) in relation to one of the most significant NGS evolution to phantasy star the extremely improved graphic details. The carryover diversity and NGS Graphics are two of the best elements that benefit from the worlds being linked together. The suggestion just to make surface level comparisons accurate and balanced to their real average dmg output is something that will improve the experiences taking one of the best features from each world brought together to create the best experience for players.

Sorry I wanted to just make sure I got the details on my suggestions fully explained. I apologize if I went too in depth, and appreciate the time to read through my suggestions. I just feel they would bring a significant amount of positive benefits to the experiences. Thanks Reaper Iron Wolf Pack #NewGenesis #GraphicsExperienceMaxamized #crossover