Urgent Quest alliance private room sometimes not working.

This happens sometimes but when it happens it's really annoying. We were planning to make a UQ alliance room only with set password and everything checked correctly. Despite having everything set up, we still get queued with randoms? The host party checked "Alliance members only and "Also limit multiplayer requests from other parties". Boom instantly queued on a public UQ. It's really frustrating that this happens, we just want to chill out and not ruin other lobbies by abandoning quests.

The issue that you might be having is that the password you're using is not unique enough. For example, if you use password "123" you can be matched with any party that is also using password "123." As well the "Alliance members only" join condition, from what I know, only prevents people from outside your alliance from joining your party; It does not prevent another party of players from outside your alliance from joining you if they've queued with the same password as you.

My suggestion here is that, next time, you and your other party leaders/subleaders are using passwords that are both identical and unique. That way the queue will only see you and your other alliance members' parties with the same password and should prevent getting thrown into a pug with another party that chose the same password. (for example, 123abc instead of just 123)