Region Mag: cannot insert item because buff already active

I don't know all the details regarding how Region Mags work, so please point out my mistakes.

Over longer sessions, I find myself wanting to refresh my food and mag buffs. For example:

  • 10 minutes remain, but UQ starting in 5.
  • 15 minutes remain, but we're arranging a long farming session.
  • 50 minutes remain, but we're going to go camp out Gigantix.

Food buffs can be refreshed no problem. But Region Mags refuse to take my items because certain buffs are already active.

Can we change it so that feeding any Region Mag would simply overwrite existing buffs?

As I write, I'm waiting out the last 8 minutes of my Region Mag buff so I can refresh it.

oooh, i'd appreciate this as well! it's weird that you can overwrite food buffs but not the region mag personal buff, which is equally important.

I wish we could reset the mag buff. It is annoying to have to wait and then have something in the way of resetting it.