Both games emotes

Would it be possible to add a alphabetical option for the emotes or at least customisable folders ( I don't mean favourites)

Because I have a lot of emotes and I'm finding it really hard to keep track of where all of them are

They had just resorted them with NGS too, hard to find them anymore... 😧

@Pariah-Chan I would love to have a bunch of different folders that I can name and put emotes in in because it takes me a good 5-minutes to find the emote

I'd just love a search function if not letting me order things myself.

Will like to add the hotkey setting page is the absolute worst UI design I think I've seen in a game like this.

alt text

"UI design is my passion" I have 405 emotes and using this thing is torture tier, it borderline reminds me of this meme.

I know what you mean it is so hard to find my already hard to find emotes.