Purpose of alt characters.

Pretty simple. Is there any reason other than flavor to run an alt in NGS?

I don't think so. In Base you could do the dailies with multiple char's and so on. But in NGS everything is account based ...so...they are kinda pointless if not for, like you said ...flavor, having a different "race" visage/body type.

Having? Yes. You can still use their storage after all, which will most likely get relevant as the game keeps bloating inventories with myriads of materials and affixes.

Playing? So far I haven't found a reason. Everything (except fashion, because of course) seems to be account-bound anyway.

Only real reason I can see now is to use em as storage mules.

Extra storage or playing on other ships.

Storage definitely. Not sure whether there are any plans for crafting - that might be advantageous as well

Their other use is duplicate skill trees, if you levelled your force's tree as a subclass then you felt like playing force main, you can use the skill tree on other character

Alt characters are good for family members if they’d like to play, or if you like to have certain looks on each character. Also gives you a chance to have a fresh start at the game. ❤

I carried both my main and alt over to NGS, to use them for completely different class builds with out having to buy extra skill trees.

Plus since I made them basically co-exist in PSO2 (by having them use an auxiliary of each other by getting duplicate fashion items and reloading saved character data), I wanted to have them come to NGS, hopefully some day I can have them in the same screenshots again.

Thanks for all the replies. I honestly didn't consider the storage thing or skill trees. Don't really need it right now though. Good points all around.

What I'm waiting more than Aux's (if we are talking about this kind of things) is my PQ ...really hope we can move furniture and all...would be a pain to re-collect everything again.

@ShinoKoba I too am curious as to how they're going to implement that if at all.