NG Force : Straga Rod? Resurgic Rod ?

any ideas how the straga "berserk " potential works? and where to check when we do successful side step when using resurgic rod ?

The Straga potential has higher damage than most other weapon potentials, at the cost of increased damage received; which is risky for Force mains, having the lowest HP and armour stats of any class, with Secreta affixes it's already not unusual for Force to die in just a couple good hits. Even less if they use the new Geant armor.

Resurgir sidestep potential doesn't really give a good indicator when it has triggered or falls off. Given that Force should not generally be sidestepping attacks anyway, but guarding them in order to counter with elemental bullet, Resurgir is on the whole not a great weapon series for Force mains.

You're probably best off using the Foursis series for it's overshield (Giving you a safety net when you try guard and counter attacks and offsetting Force's inherent squishyness - guarding and countering is a big source of DPS for Force), or Trois De Series, which is pretty close to break even with the 4-star series thanks to it's crit multiplier, and supports a wide range of tech multiweapons so you can leverage Talis or Wand, which is the only reason you might use Resurgir, but at a fraction the cost

You wouldn't be using resurger for Rod or even wand/talis because the side step counters do less damage than your block counter. And the main benefit to Rod in the first place is that you don't have to leave your spot to continually keep your damage up. Something other ranged/mobile weapons cannot say.

I spose you could lean into the glass cannon nature the devs might be trying to push with Force by running the new Straga series. However given how easy it is for force to take stray damage it's probably not wise even though the damage boost is significant enough to consider in general. Foursis is likely the BiS for force right now just because it protects you so well. I don't know if the shield is strong enough to prevent you from being OHK while fighting the gigantix as a force. But I do know from a lot of other hard hitting moves the amount of damage it protects you from is very significant.

If you maange to get a Foursis with Fixa Attack 2 or more it's equal to or better than a Straga without any down side.

@Knight-Raime I can at least speak for my current stats as Te/fo. The Nogleth in Central does 400 or so to me, if I were equipped with a Foursis rod at pot level 1-3 (40%) I have 297 hp and would take 160 damage less, therefore surviving the attack. It is definitely significant to consider because a dead force does no dps. Lol


Yeah my friend who's a force main can occasionally survive some Gigantix explosions with Forsis's shield. So that's good. But I would like to add on top of that that the straga rod does have value atm.

Since the Gigantix will likely one shot most people anyway the extra damage you'd be doing is almost free. If Gigantix content continues to scale with our player's level (so say when we get bumped to 35 the gigantix content rises to 39,) Straga's extra damage will be helpful in the long run providing no other gear power creeps it hard.

This would be beneficial for those who are trying to farm Gigantix specifically for selling on the shop. Since Gigas augments are sought after and some of the weapons as well. Otherwise just stick to Forsis for everything else.