Exchange Augment Capsule Store missing is "Attack III" type augments

To start, take a look at this screenshot:


Curiously my Augment Exchange shop is missing Might III, Precision III and Technique III capsules. Is there something special I need to do to be able to exchange for these or am I just bugged?

I've heard from multiple sources including the community wiki* that the "Attack III" Capsules should be present in this shop. I've scrolled through the list multiple times and they're nowhere to be found.


EDIT: *I somehow missread the page on the wiki talking about this NPC shop, rank III augments aren't actually shown on that page.

I dont have those either if that is a thing

@Vashzaron The person that said that it was possible to exchange for these has recently informed me that they don't have them in the exchange shop either. Meaning it's probably an oversight on Sega's part. Well I hope it's an oversight anyway.

If not, I'm not exactly looking forward to farming enough rank III caps to have a decent shot at getting one of these affixes to stick.