PSO2 Base Model Bug in NGS (With Video)

video here : google drive

So the link above is my video about outerwear bug (the left is my view and the right is my friend's view)

whenever I change my looks or outwear my model size will be rigged and I have to load it again to solve this problem and that only solve for people around me (if a new people change block or move in the map... he/she will see my model rigged ... weapon cosmo also missing and they can only see default weapon model instead of my weapon cosmo model)

and in the video for the last case... it works fine, If I change "looks" to a set that has no outerwear.

PS. sorry, I'm not good with English language. So it's kinda hard to explain

Yeah, it's a bug happening to everyone right now. We've already got threads on it. SEGA has acknowledged it too:

Thread 1:

Thread 2: