Salon body sync question -

In the salon, there is a function known as "Sync All Body Types". You can see it in the screenshot below.


After checking the box, it doesn't seem to be synching my CAST body and my non-CAST bodies. Do I need to make a change to the body first for it to sync all the way through?

You may need to swap between normal outfits and CAST parts to get it is to show the changes


I'll use the Shoulders/Arms/Hands tab for comparison reasons.



And after changing outfits which defaults the body to Humanoid 2 -


Sega do what Nintendont. All I can say about the game anymore

Uncheck marking them seems to allow different body sizes simultaneously, you’ll need to confirm and exit the salon for the change to usually take effect tho.



@Pariah-Chan Right, which is where the difference in my two screenshots comes in, but checking the box didn't automatically sync them, so I'm wondering if I have to make a SG/salon pass level change to make the sync take effect. Was hoping maybe someone knew the answer before I did it.

From personal experience, the top synch seems to apply the old type specs to both the new type bodies, both for CAST and not CAST alike, but only when the bottom synch setting is turned on. Otherwise it only synchs the type 2 human bodies. It's for this reason I turned off both synch settings, after I switched to the new type bodies, to retain my old type character shapes, and then I free hand matched the new type bodies to their old type counterparts, then adjusted as needed to make them look as close to what that real world equivalent would be, as there are a lot more options, while still retaining the old shape as much as possible. It allowed me to switch between the old type outfits, and new type, on the fly, without much noticeable difference.