Potenty Floor Increase question

Any plans on having potency floor increase apply the bonus when augmented into units? Mastery and Dread Keeper augments are nice, but it's rather disappointing knowing that putting them into my units is gonna give me "dead stats."

I'm not sure I understand what you mean so forgive me if I'm wrong, but aside from the armor itself bonus ....how can a weapon damage bonus apply to something that is not a weapon ? I mean ..it's armor ...can contribute to stats like agility and such (just as an example) and that in the end helps weapon damage ...but I don't see how a pure weapon damage buff applies to armor.

I'm pretty sure it does work, but since weapons only should their own stats it doesn't show the floor potency of the armor.

@ShinoKoba Because melee/ranged/technique/overall potency on units shows a percent increase on the stat information page, but potency floor increase doesn't show on the weapon in the same way.

@Weirdo I do hope that's true, I just wish it would show on the weapon because it would be a pain to try and theory craft that and get reliable numbers.