I got suspended for 24 hours falsely accused :(

Hello I'm here writing to you guys because I'm being falsely accused, they suspended me from chat twice already, and now today they suspended my account for 24 hours 😞 please help I'm being targeted by players in block 1 ship 1 on NGS. my gamertag on Xbox Live is OCEL0T413 and my character's name is fun3oy :3 p. s. Please let me play it says I have to wait 24 hours but it's not fair cuz I didn't do anything...

when the time is up just play in a different block

The thought of players mass reporting someone is terrifying tho. I play on Ship 1 so this makes me kind of afraid to be in certain blocks knowing that now... 😧

I can’t imagine logging in to find out I’ve been banned for no reason. ;-;

@Pariah-Chan well you don't have to worry about me, I only bust bots