Any one else miss concerts?

Just kind of bummed out not having any around yet.


Give me NGS concerts.

Yes, I miss them. I started playing PSO 2 when it came out on steam, and at that time Quna was often singing there. Then there were concerts from Persona. This was one of the factors that I liked about PSO2, which made this MMo different from others. It seemed that there was a living universe here.

Nope. don't miss them at all.

Sort of? I'm also someone who liked that they made the world feel more alive and dynamic.

At the same time, most of the actual songs seem sort of J-poppy. That's better than most pop music but it's still not really to my taste.

The main one I miss is Our Fighting, since that was more of a rock/guitar-driven song with string accompaniment. Which I think is fantastic.

I was hoping there would be a concert right off the bat, kinda bummed we don't have one. I'm with the folks that say they made OG feel alive.

@Arkham Our Fighting was the first Quna concert and still my favorite as well in terms of the actual song.

The concerts were nice and fun (just had to turn off SAs and lower player rendering for the mini-games ones), hopefully they bring in NGS ones, there is an area that looks like its already set up for them.

I wish NGS already had concerts, the fact there was a survey about what music people listen to previously, I assume there will be concerts in NGS, but I hope there will be a permanent performer just like base PSO2 did with Quna.

I miss them. I'm sure the concerts will be back eventually. The big screen is there and has a concert hall like look to it. Probably only a matter of time 😄 It's pretty obvious NGS launch was rushed out. There is so many basic features missing from PSO2.

Most definitely. It's one of the most unique things about this game, and I feel apart of its identity. I've yet to see anything like these concerts in any other game.

I absolutely miss them...

Back when I first started there were concerts all the time, a lot of times I'd log in just to watch them...

100% seriously, the only thing I knew about PSO2 for years was "that's the game with the Miku concert in it", and the idea of in-game concerts fascinated me. Seems a shame to not having anything of the sort anymore, even if I wouldn't really attend them often.

Kinda miss them....but miss a good Cafe even more.....or sitting on benches and chairs. <.<"