NGS: Is Chain Boost Bugged (Gunner)?

i'm going to link to the topic i started in the gunner forum regarding this issue.

a quick recap: i'm not seeing a 20% attack speed increase upon consuming 100 stacks of chain trigger, only a 10% increase. does SEGA use these forums? and if not, what's the best course of action to get a response from someone that would know if this is indeed a bug?

Been experiencing the same thing, I noticed especially after timing my attack rotations with a stopwatch. However, I also rarely experience the full 20% bonus. It is very inconsistent, and I'm not sure what causes it.

Other folks mentioned certain weapon actions and affixes (S4: Escalating Pursuit) will activate the chain. For weapon actions, I know Double Saber's Whirlwind will activate the chain.

Another thing I've noticed is the Chain Boost buff refreshes the strongest bonus. If you end the chain with a low combo while having a 10% bonus, it will reset the timer with a 10% bonus. Even if you have a chain of 1 hit, it will refresh the 20% attack rate increase if you manage to get it. Not sure if this one's a bug, but it's something worth knowing.

I believe they lurk the forums here too. But if you really want them to know something, check out the 'CONTACT US' and you can report things directly.