Only 10 days left for Limited gigantix kills...


honestly feels liek a big "F U" from sega.

limited time frame, RNG weather req, RNG on if you can kill it due to how unfairly it scales, and half the duration was basically impossible except for a few ppl b4 they "fixed" its duration.

Pray this type of fight never happens again. Legit feels awful.

The 50 SG is practically nothing anyway, you can spend 20-30 minutes with some friends in Violent Tremor in PSO2 and get 100 SG. Doesn't require any PSO2 progress either, just a basic understanding of the game to not die and take all blue classes.

Don't get me wrong, still the most bullshit system ever implemented and the only way to fix it is to get rid of it. No fix such as weather forecast or passworded instances make this acceptable content because it still expects you to play on their schedule, not your own.

I've killed only one till now ....but despawned around 10 ...though luck completing that....I'm not going to waste time waiting for hours waiting to get it done.

Had a group the other day - we almost, then the weather stopped and like 20sec later despawned. Pretty sure we got close... till the short weather decided to say nope. So... for me, if it happens it happens, if not meh. Not losing any sleep over it.

I’ve been helping friends lvl the last couple of days, so I might try to sit down and try to defeat a few more before the event is over. 🙂

Ship 4 block 69 knocked them all out in a single night with a bunch of randoms.

Ship 2 block 47 knocked them all out with mostly whitenames too.

@FerrousAradicen Here's a medal (it was in you all along).

go west aelio, find a lobby close to filled with level 20's and its near impossible to fail.

Anwyay not disagreeing that this event is absolutely shit.

i hope gigantix disappear never to return again in their current itteration.

I haven't even hit 20 yet...

No sg for me I guess....