The HP of Gigantix is decided based on the number of players around it

JP server updated their FAQ telling more details about the HP of Gigantix. Seeing from what's listed on the FAQ section of the global site, I guess they might not translate this FAQ entry about Gigantix sooner, so I'm sharing the info here.

Q. How is the HP of Gigantix decided?

A. The HP of Gigantix depends on the number of players around it and changes in real-time. The total number of players in the same section won't affect its HP.

Please note that the FAQs on the JP server actually have some outdated entries which are not correct. But this Gigantix entriy was updated with the emergency update of today, so we can consider this as their latest official statement on the topic.

does this mean everyone will now solo gigantix with dual sabers ?

So get four to eight buddies and find a low pop block. Good to know lol.

I wonder if that means they've managed to make it only scale based off of the people in close proximity instead of people in the same instance. If so then that's a huge turn around and I am significantly less annoyed by this type of enemy.

I always thought this was the case considering Veteran Enemies even in highly populated rooms can be soloed when you're the only one fighting it.

Some of my peers were walking around attempting to solo the Gigantix enemies as well and were relatively close (getting to the red phase) in their attempts so I thought it was some sort of scaling within proximity (when the camera zooms out) but it is nice to know that Sega has confirmed how this scaling works. Hopefully this will stop the bullying and harassment that has already started on several of the more populated blocks and rooms.


Oh I thought they were saying how it works now, not them clarifying how it works. If that's indeed true than maybe an HP nerf is needed for gigantix. We'll see if the now consistently longer time helps enough.

You still end up requiring the non level 20 folks to not come over and attempt to fight the boss as most seem to do.

In the rare time that the site loads for me, it was also updated on the global site:

Now the question is how far away counts as nearby.

@Weirdo said in The HP of Gigantix is decided based on the number of players around it:

Now the question is how far away counts as nearby.

^ this.. cause some mobs have quite a large radius .. I honestly don’t care for the radius on some of them particularly the lvl 15 in the lvl 1 zone that shoots lasers i forget names so sorry.. but that is ridiculous . So heaven forbig you farm anything at that moment.. i guess..

They should have made it so only people that are in the level range capable of doing full damage towards enemies affect how they scale when nearby them. And they honestly shouldn't be able to get their drops either because they'd just be leeching.