Hi, thought I'd bump this as last we heard it was feedbacked to the team, but almost a year on we still can't see the last activity of members in a more detailed manner (hours, days).

As our Alliance has reached 100 members a few times now, we've had to use our better judgement to 'guess' which members are inactive, I've had to start recording things in a spreadsheet to keep track of things, we have plenty of active members but sifting through all the inactive ones becomes very difficult when we have no real indication as to how inactive they are.

At the very least with some more detailed information we'd be able to get in touch with the inactive members, ask them how they're doing and whether or not they would like us to hold their space.

We run an active Alliance which would really benefit from the extra spaces taken up by players who have no desire to return to the game.

We do see the 'No recent logins' message under the 'Login Status' column, however this just isn't adequate enough, as mentioned previously all a user has to do is login once and it resets, then disappear for a whole month again.

Please can this be reviewed once more and feedbacked again? @GM-Deynger

As a side note, it would also be very helpful if we had more roles we could assign members, such as Senior Members, Provisional Officers, Senior Officers, VIP's, or just allow for custom roles of sorts, this would allow us to better categorise members based on things like time zones or playstyle by assigning them a 'Europe' role if custom roles were allowed for example, perhaps this could be better established as a sub-role.

Alliance management as a whole need overhauling. Thanks.