What is the highest battle power you can get in this game.

@Rain-Gnyu Without even clicking that, its bananamana I bet.... I heard a lot of nonsense and had to stop at the suggestion that Stat III > Mastery III xD And also I had to wait to get home to double check, but you cant even see anyones BP from inspecting them. Who is going around inspecting people then going to the 3rd party calculators to figure out what it is JUST to talk down to them? Because, its impossible to "BP shame" without taking the time to put someones elses gear into a calculator, or having them state what their BP is, and I haven't seen anyone waste their time doing that on my ship. What you can see however, is if someone doesn't have their gear upgraded, augmented, and weapon potential'd... But there is no BP value present on other-player inspections.

Unfortunately those pesky influencers were the reason people were trying HTDP with un-enhanced novel gear. Need to just disregard that there vid.... PSO2/NGS is not just skill based. Gear is important, and BP matters when used correctly. And on that, I will say, BP does need some tweakage. For instance, a Hunter/Fighter should get no BP from having Ranged or tech potency augmentation unless they also buffs melee potency and/or other things, and gigant Unit shouldnt give all that much more BP over unit one level below it (16bp I believe it was). For the most part tho, I dont think anyone is cheating the BP system like that at end game, but only to get passed the stories BP gates. All of my augments for example are relevant to being hu/fo, so MY bp is definitely a representation of my characters potential.

They'll probably change their tune once they add UQ difficulties or extra area tiers that require like 1400+ BP for entry. Or, they'll rage like they couldn't see that coming..

Highest I've seen is 1495.

My thoughts on BP. The way I understand Battle power is as reference to base percentage or balance perspective not DPS unless that’s the measurement of your play style skill set and class build. I also want to make a note to the fact that everything in this game is obtainable with out spending any real money, just by actively playing the game. To insinuating the only reason of high levels of BP is obtain by any other mean is actually a vindictive attitude towards a certain aspect of the game play that some people find enjoyable. An unnecessary and unprofessional pin point comment in this YouTube video! https://youtu.be/JL9ituSsKIE

Just read what (AngryRhombus563) had to say about battle power then listen to the video. Sega made it a specific requirement for a reason and even in the weekly tasks assignments it is an aspects to improve your battle power. When listening to this YouTuber he didn’t really seem knowledgeable in my personal opinion, because he contradicts himself in his own video.

Just be careful what you listen to with this YouTuber he seems to have a chip on his shoulder for some unseen reason.......my opinion only.

This YouTuber in my opinion is very objective. Some one I believe is very knowledgeable


Unleash the kraken.

I enjoy a lot of the content some of these creators of pso 2 ngs youtube clips. In my view bp is a building block for learning. Play style is more or less what you enjoy doing the most.

True some augments will give you a higher rating and it should as you get higher numbers for such augments.

example dreadkeeper II

Not easy to roll a veteran to see it drop. But you can bet that "version I" will usually. Its a fair system unless the memo wasn't sent out to me in game.

NGS is new and BP will make a difference for players that want to be squishy and have a entry point for content that req a higher BP. Even if its just salvagable points for cool perks later on.

Bingo SEGA allow BP to give monthly incentives to players that invest time and n-memsta to increase it.

This keep content fresh and keep you not feeling bother by saying well put on X and Y no need for Z.

I understand the BP glass canon build. But I personally use it as a measurement towards my defensive build or more balance build. From what I understand or hypothesized , is that the highest balanced or defensive BP build allows is 1472 without mastery III. With Mastery III it’s a whole nather story.....

Mastery III on all your units and weapon means your are a GOAT!

@Rain-Gnyu Without gigant unit, that sounds about right

I think Sega is trying to take the game in a different direction which doesn’t involve the Power creep concept. Where skillful play style is their new direction. The game is not about raw power without skill. Building a proper mechanic around your play style and skill set.

Understanding how you play the game. Hope I makes sense? I understand not sure I can convey my thoughts?

@Rain-Gnyu I think the direction doesn't involve pure potency glass builds which is why those pure potency glass augments like alt secreta dont get you the most BP.

Hopefully Sega is trying to avoid this........


@AngryRhombus563 said in What is the highest battle power you can get in this game.:

@Rain-Gnyu Without gigant unit, that sounds about right

Do you think Gigantix unit are BIS? They’re a four star units.

@Rain-Gnyu For glass build, yes. For my purposes, no. I only use one.

@AngryRhombus563 said in What is the highest battle power you can get in this game.:

@Rain-Gnyu For glass build, yes. For my purposes, no. I only use one.

Cool.....I may try it.

I finally got to 1525.

@Sakesubaki what is your setup?