What is the highest battle power you can get in this game.

A huge portion of BP is from grinding your armor which just costs a ton of meseta. I think the armor enhancement cost is a bit excessive. Not sure why it needs to be 3 times the cost of weapon enhancement.

I just achieved 1442 BP

I think the highest is 1464

Looks like I have some room to improve. Currenly I'm sitting at 1421

@Zymran You'll be fine at 1421 for a good long while I bet. I'm currently 1418 and Gigantix fights are a breeze.

@DKGJustus yeah, I'm doing fine. It's just a matter of min-maxing but tbh I don't see much reason for it at the moment

Each class has a different BP value and some sub class will add or take bp away. Gunner has the lowest BP value of every class.

i'm at 1441 fo/te and the only affix that would get me more BP is ael domina im pretty sure (tec 3/nex 2/resola note/giga tec 2) on everything

@IzzyData Its only really because they dont have any "silver/Gold unit" drops with a bonus exp augment on them.

@AngryRhombus563 for 4 star units you can use 4 star as fodder getting 600xp a unit if you use the same type you get 900xp, thats how i leveled mine.


Looking for a big jump? Grab potential lv3 if you haven’t. Doing so gave me 10 BP. I am sitting at 1442 currently.

I am sitting at 1455 right now with no boss drops......I am thinking Mastery III Affixes will push me to maybe 1458 hopefully 1460.

At 1458 right now

i decided to swap over to glass cannon and 1458 now

I'm 1450 and not even close to max.

1459 now!