816 Error

My friend received this message when he login today and all he has been doing for the past two days is grind PSE burst and do story quest. He plays on steam so looking through the thread it seems steam account have lots of issues with these so wondering if its a steam issue flagging an account for no reason and having the mod team ban said account. I have no issue since i use the microsoft store, my friend has sent a ticket in so we have to wait. It would be nice for a gm or someone to look into this issue because he was willing to invest money into the game and because of this pso2 ngs will be losing a customer.

@ForceEJ I can tell you right now that the process is not nice. I've been suspended since June 16th, I've posted on forums, messaged GMs... nothing. I placed 3 tickets and got responses on 2. Both the same response of we have to investigate and its a long process. I requested an update today but at this point I never got use my premium I bought right before the suspension. I'm giving it until the end of the day before I just request a refund through steam and uninstall the game.

i am having the same issue why is everyone account getting suspended for no reason?? i think Steam and Sega need's to look into this the best they can atleast and Help us we are always happy to give such support for the game we love to play and spend money on i Just wish they can atleast check and tell us the problem or reason