Pettas Vera seems to be a cursed UQ

Just about every time I get into this UQ there is someone who can't see the boss, the run is short a person, or there is a disconnect, or any combination of these issues.

It becomes a real slog when only about 50% of the players in this UQ can actually do anything, and its also a drain on healing items (they even run out quickly in the field).

Something needs to be done about this or this will be a UQ that will become abandoned which in turn will add to the already long list of issues with NGS, plus with only two UQs currently available, that would only leave Nex Vera as the only doable one.

Out of all the UQs I've run not a single issue has occurred for me or anyone else in the run.

Healing items are free and stop getting hit.

The UQ scales so I would not worry about not having a full 8 players room. (Unsure if true if they leave mid fight though...)

@FerrousAradicen He we go again with people missing the point, I happen to be one of the only few people left who can actually do anything to the boss, and in turn I get a lot of aggro so attacks get directed at me so its difficult to avoid getting hit. And again the healing items run out quickly when the battle goes for too long, even the ones on the ground.

Members in my alliance keep getting the invisible boss bug, since we struggle to fill two parties, we are stuck with only one party and trapped with randoms who never fill the run before the timer runs out inside the instance. So a lot of firepower is missing due to these issues.

As for the disconnects, they have happened several times already with this UQ, but very few (if any) issues occur in the other one.

Oh yeah can totally see that it's such a wide spread issue, thousands of people posting about how they can't see the boss and being disconnected and running out of healing items.

Oh wait.

And another one to my blocklist

I've read it is because of an issue with how Tweaker is getting game files. It missed the pettas veras model.

it seems like this has been an issue for a while—i saw one fairly big thread with a bunch of people saying they couldn't see or interact with pettas vera, and a quick forum search shows that several more threads were created by people with the same issue. i remember some one suggesting it might be a result of game client corruption, which was solved by a reinstall?

Doing a file check fixed it for many people.

@starryeyedgiant said in Pettas Vera seems to be a cursed UQ:

i remember some one suggesting it might be a result of game client corruption, which was solved by a reinstall?

...that was probably me. One of the game crashes also messed up the PSO executable of my Steam install such that the local file verification kept failing and required a reboot. I didn't have any issues playing through Epic or Store, just Steam and the verification and download resolved it.

@PrsnOfDsntrst thanks for the information! if that's indeed the cause then i guess there's nothing much you can do for other people who are experiencing the issue, except inform them of the potential fix.

The problem was the game failing to download very specific files pertaining to the boss, usually on Tweaker installations. Tweaker then released an update that changed Fix PSO2 Files so it can try to fix critical files like this sort in particular. So long as you've kept up on your game's status and updates, this problem should be gone.

Yes, I was one of the affected people with the invisible Boss. The problem was a corrupted file from one of Steam repositories (tweaker uses that to download update files, even on a Store install). Doing a full file check followed by a new update check fixed it for me and many others.

A lot of ppl rely on Tweaker, so it messing up is quite noticeable.

Sadly it’s a lot less buggy than if Tweaker wasn’t used tho. XD

I'm forced to use Tweaker because for some reason Windows likes to delete my game ( and a few shortcuts like FF and other things I place in my taskbar) but unlike those shortcuts that just need to be re-placed the game needs to be re-downloaded. after the third time it happened in 3 consecutive day I was giving up then learned about Tweaker and never had that problem again. Besides this was the first time ever I had any trouble in almost an year I'm using it ...since I was using it already on the base PSO2. It seems people likes to trash-talk about tweaker and I don't understand why...but remember that the problem was in the steam repository having a faulty file and even people using xbox (that doesn't use tweaker) and Steam users had the same problem. But they don't read that part preferring adding shit like "it's tweaker and teweaker using people that corrupted the game" when it's clearly false.