Pettas Vera seems to be a cursed UQ

@Blade-Syphon lends to the suggestion of ceasing use of tweaker.

@Pariah-Chan said in Pettas Vera seems to be a cursed UQ:

Sadly it’s a lot less buggy than if Tweaker wasn’t used tho. XD

I don't have any bugs and I don't use tweaker.

Just seeing your posts around the forum, I have to say you have an extremely negative outlook on the game and it's tiring to see frankly. First person I'm blocking on the forum, and generally I never block.

EDIT: I'm sure your user name is fitting, behaving like you do on the forum in real life would certainly make you a pariah.

For those of you who don't use PSO2Tweaker and have no problems, that's good for you. The windows store installation still ends up in a botched mess for many and using the tweaker is what solved their problems. Just because it wasn't the case for you doesn't mean others aren't having problems. Give 'em a break.

From what I heard MS Store has mostly fixed it's problems. But yes, when it first launched in May 2020, there was a widespread problem where the game continuously delete itself but still taking up disc space and it lasted beyond Steam release.

I think most people use Tweaker these days just because they are used to it and also it's one installation to access MS Store, Steam, EGS versions when they do store specific log-in rewards.

But the Pettas Vera problem was not Tweaker specific and it was posted in multiple threads and the solution was given - do file repair.

The windows store botches lots of installs for just about every game on it... Its a good thing windows store version lost relevance for anything other than login bonuses long ago.

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I've read it is because of an issue with how Tweaker is getting game files. It missed the pettas veras model.

I don't think it was a tweaker-specific issue, it was just an issue the tweaker managed to fix. Kind of like how there was that PSO2 bug where people would get locked while loading into their personal quarters due to a missing file, and the tweaker went and added it until SEGA fixed it. In the case of the invisible boss bug I think it was just a brief issue with the steam update (so only people who updated in a certain timeframe would've been affected), which the tweaker went and added an additional check for to make sure it'd get cleaned up for people with the corrupted ersion.

@FerrousAradicen Oh wait.

Yeah, you missed the point. The main point of his post was about the boss bug...

You missed the part where he was hyping it up as if most people were having the issue when in fact it was very little.

@FerrousAradicen It's an issue regardless. I've personally had an Alliance member run into the issues three UQ's in a row.

Also, how do you know personally that the numbers of players running into the issue are small? Do you have access to the ticketing system? Do you work with the global dev team? Just curious...


Not really. The Tweaker also fixed the issue in the span of about tenish minutes, so, y'know. The issue stemmed from a corrupted file anyways, even people not using the Tweaker still had the issue.

The reason it was even an issue with the Tweaker is, as others have said, the program now draws everything from the Steam Store to keep file integrity consistent a crossed whatever platform you're launching from. Even if you weren't using the Tweaker, you could still have the problem simply because Steam screwed up the update install.

@DKGJustus Just do what I did and blocklist the elitist idiot, he gets perfect runs and has never encountered the issues I mentioned in the start of this thread. There is no sense in arguing with someone who will never get the point, so blocking them helps keep things from turning into a flame war with someone who is that stubborn.