Farm this, or that?

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@Yggranya that's still escapism. You have the time and/or money and its your choice to spend them how you see fit to get away from the mundaneness of life.

Well, i guess i learned something new today.

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The entire premise of my original statement was that any newcomer looking here thinks this is the worst game ever made due to impressions of these topics. We both know that isn't true.

If they just go with whatever impression they got from reading some randoms thoughts on some forums without testing the game (F2P) themselves, it's not a big loss, although i'm sure you'll disagree.

@Yggranya The great thing about having community? I can disagree with you and still respect you.

My initial thoughts would also be to say F2P players that don't explore the game themselves are bullocks, however; i also know people like Aussies have limited downloads each month. Same where I'm from, so people with a certain ISP where I am have to be discriminating in what they play. Which do you think they'd choose? Some stupid Chinese crap like Genshin that people are raving about, or NGS which has a forum littered with people talking about how crappy it is. People I might add, that enjoy the game and just want to see it improve, like yourself. Overall, this extra person here and there could make a positive impact and motivate Sega to improve the crappy servers they have, polish the systems they built and come to a compromise with old and new players alike.

A penny or person here and there can have extreme downstream effects. So, that's why I choose to be kind and positive.

Thank you for the pleasantries. A toast to our mutual understanding.

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I'm just as upset as you that NGS has very little content at launch.

I just wanted opinions on what to farm.

« Some stupid Chinese crap like Genshin »

Try rewording this.

@Furious-0 I’d recommend these areas: