[SHIP 1] Maid Tea Party Alliance - Open recruitment invitation.

Hello all of you PSO2/NGS players.

I'm here to make an open invitation to people who do not have an alliance and want somewhere to be. We've been around since PSO2 launched in the west. We're not a hardcore alliance, not a softcore alliance, not a social alliance -- We're an alliance, we're a group of friends playing together and we always welcome more people to join us. Play however you want, we do basically everything there is to be done in the game -- and sometimes we just hang around talking, watch things together out of the game, hang around on discord. We're people enjoying the game and having fun togeter in and out of it.

We're primarily an english speaking alliance but we have people from places. We don't worry about timezomes, we don't require you to do anything in particular --- except --- we require you to show the courtesy of respect to all members. It is fine if you are not best buddies with everyone, but respect them.. We have all sorts of people from all sorts of background.

So if you're a new player, a veteran player, anything in between -- want to do more serious grinding, want to take it easy -- wanna run Urgent Quests or run around the map just for fun -- You're welcome to join us and we'll do things as we feel like doing. If you are interested contact me though:

You will are more than welcome to join us, and if you don't want, hope to see you in-game anyway!

@TheLinksow Hey Linksow! Are you guys still recruiting new members? I started playing NGS just several days ago and have been looking around for a friendly alliance to join on Ship 1 ^^ This is my first time playing PSO in general, but I am a veteran MMORPG player. Looking forward to hearing back from you!