Lower level requirement to 20 and add a BP restriction to gigas

Many people want to level up their other classes at this point (myself included) and most of those other classes already have solid gear, my hunter is level 18 with 1362 BP yet i'm targeted and excluded from content because my level is to low which is ridiculous. Makes me not even want to play until the next update because leveling the classes to 20 takes tens of hours to do. This needs to be fixed. Alot of my friends already quit the game because the level grind is to much, now you add another aspect that excludes players without it really even being justified. 4 star gear is not a justifiable excuse to exclude your player base. 5-6 star gear sure.

Only thing I could recommend is knuckling down and grinding nonstop in a rank 2 area until 20 then. This is going to be a bigger issue when lvl 35 releases in winter.

If you think the grind is bad now, wait until we are forced to be lvl 50 or 100. 😧

It will just kill the player base 😕 had a group of 30 people to play with just a week ago. Down to 3 people now... and this choice with the gigas might kill it for them completely.

If the game wasn’t what they liked, then I completely understand them leaving.

But who is this game actually for? XD

people want to play a good non p2w mmo, unfortunately the majority just suck. Thats why im playing as well.

If you are talking about Gigantix its cause you need be LV20 to do any damage I believe (due to the damage nerf when mob level too high). so you definitely want to be on your strongest highest level for it. Also (being patched as I type) the despawn was too fast meaning frustration for alot of players.

Gigantix (same for verterans too) get higher hp based on the number of players nearby, so underpowered players would be making it harder for killing the boss to succeed. Veterans this doesnt really matter but the unfair despawn timer on the Gigiantix is (was?) the thing.

Hopefully it can be fixed so that anyone below a level threshold doesnt add to the boss hp scaling or such would be good (as long as isnt a logical loophole that could be exploited I guess). I dont know, or something - maybe if they stay much longer consistently now (after this patch) it wont be much of an issue anymore!

We’ll have to see how it goes after maintenance. 🤞

Also for leveling - its not so bad to get to 20. I think like you said its only because you spread xp on all classes, which is fair enough as many people would want to try them all out. Id suggest get 1 mainclass to 20 at least (subclass level doesnt really matter tbh afaik). I mean Im leveling all my classes (not there yet) but definitely went for 20 on favorite first.

Easiest way is to join in with a bunch other people in one of the 3 xp areas, go around following the events (trials, burst build). PSE bursts can give a heap of xp.

If you havent discovered this feature yet: To find people use the Room feature on the teleporter at the zone you want to xp in. Toggle the first option On to search only same area (note: for lab and magnus it will still show both rank 1 and rank 2), then you will have a choice of quite a few with people at any time. There is no xp pentalty or such for shared kills in PSO (and in fact party adds to xp gained in the base game) so you will get more faster this way.

Leveling in this is game ridiculously easily, I just got my first lvlup cube and I barely play.

Leveling can go very quick or very slowly. Largely the deciding factor is how people are running in the leveling zones. If they are on point and know to have a couple people split off the main group from time to time to hit a second group of mobs and keep the PSE meter up you can trigger bursts back to back. If the people in the zone are all going rambo(running across the zone skipping mobs, not killing silvers/golds, letting the PSE meter decay, etc) and there's no coordination you're better off just looking for a better block to do the grinding.

Battlepower (BP) will become DBZ level meme and fade away before we even reach level 50. Calling it now.

It currently takes, as you said, up to 10 hours to hit max level in this game. Do you... do you actually realize how short of an amount of time that is? Go to any other MMORPG and see what 10 hours gets you, because I promise you it won't be "end game" content. And you don't even need to be good in this game, you can easily get carried if you find a decent group, or any group to be honest, it's not difficult to move to a full block and just exist until you hit 20.

You want to complain about something simple like that? Join your friends who quit, get out of this game.

@Ravness01 said in Lower level requirement to 20 and add a BP restriction to gigas:

If they are on point and know to have a couple people split off the main group from time to time to hit a second group of mobs and keep the PSE meter up you can trigger bursts back to back.

This is potentially a bad idea as enemies away from the markers have a higher chance of PSE down.

The actual best way to do things is kill everything at an E mark until only two are left (at which point the mark moves) then move to the next mark ignoring all enemies that are not a part of a marks group.