Improvements to premium benefits.

I think most can agree that what premium offers in this game is lacking. In Pso2 it offered a lot more but a lot of that stuff was kinda useless imo like Fixed Cameras and Screen filters.

In NG I believe premium offers...

  • 10% tri boost bonus from food
  • 1 extra PSO2 Day per month
  • 400 slot premium storage
  • Able to re-edit after salon ticket or colour change ticket is used for 60 mins
  • Ability to sell items on the personal shop
  • Symbol Art extra slots
  • Extra login bonus?..

That's about it I think. Considering they are basically putting PSO2 on it's death bed this is what we have realistically.

Considering the price of Premium these bonuses are not even close to being worth the price. Most have premium purely for the shop access currently. If you could get a shop for free there would be no reason to get premium imo as it stands.

I get they may improve on it as the game gets updated but it would be nice if there were some additional bonuses for now. Off the top of my head one that would be nice would be to allow premium users to use colour change and change anything in the salon while premium is active rather than having to pay extra or use passes.

I actually agree completely to this point; Recently, there was a survey regarding spending money in the game;

I have to say that, the only issue I find with some of the surveys we have been getting is that, if one's answer is favorable, no further questions are asked; but in fact more details should be always asked, because people who spend money in the game may also have suggestions.

That said, Premium Set benefits do need to be improved to make it more appealing for players to get.

Based on what have been gotten in the game so far good things to include would be:

  1. Extra SG Scratch free daily draws.

  2. Free limited monthly customization features ; such as those requiring Salon Pass and N Color change pass; giving away a certain amount of N Color Change Passes and Salon Passes on a monthly basis to Premium players may also work.

  3. Increased Accessory Allowance .

  4. One AC Scratch Exchange Ticket per month.

I am pretty sure these benefits would make it fare more appealing for players to buy Premium; may also depend on the Premium Set bought. when it comes to 2 or 4. Bringing back trading would also be quite nice, but under certain specific conditions I guess.

Yes that would be nice I will add these

  • 2 food bonuses
  • 12 Gear slots
  • 2 SG a day
  • free spins count towards the ticket ( only climbs up by one not two )
  • 12 spin AC is 2000
  • free AC exchange ticket end of each month ( cannot be sold on the marketplace or exchange for badge)
  • free SG exchange ticket at the end of each month ( cannot be exchanged for badge)
  • ore Locator
  • the ability to permanently save a # color (by paying SG) and be allowed to switch back and forth between x amount of colors for that item and switch between them outside of the salon
  • increase item allowance
  • astronomical low chance and when defeating an enemy you will get 1 AC or SG

I agree the only reason I used premium was for the shop pass in NGS. I stopped paying for it at the moment.

Love the salon customization ideas, would enjoy a free color change pass monthly. The free re edit doesn't matter to me at all. I like the idea of a free Ac item that you can't sell.

I hate drop rates of items in general, so if I have premium drop rate shouldn't matter to me. Ya know why am I paying for extra drop rate if I'm not getting more or better drops ever? Ya know it's close to pay to win territory, but I'm already paying for it, and it's already not mattering.

The salon color pass is something I want on that premium thing. It would make a huge difference.