Wrong Veteran Boss on Kanai Isle

It is supposed to be Veteran Nex Aileo there but Veteran Varas is there instead in global. Can this please be passed on to SEGA so it can be fixed.

@Weirdo what's the difference, you still get the same exp for sending it packing

Aug drops for one, but it is also in 2 locations and Kanai Isle isn't well suited for Varas.

@Weirdo all the more reason to leave well enough alone as the terrain gives you the edge

No it does the opposite since it likes to float above deep water.

Bumping this issue as a new reason to fix it has popped up. Since a Gigantix Nex Aileo will be added we need a spawn location the isn't rng based so people can practice fighting it so they can be ready for the Gigantix.

@Weirdo on a side note did you get screwed out of the achievement for hitting level 20 like I did?

@TURION-MOONSTAR Yes I did, Just checked and I don't have.

@Weirdo I posted a bug 🐛 report thrad on it, it doesn't pay for me to submit a ticket since my account uses an email address that no longer exists

@GM-Deynger can you make sure SEGA sees this? It would be nice to have the correct boss here.