Anyway to turn off chat bubbles and window on Xbox PSO2?

I'm solo MMO player and dislike seeing what others are talking about in the open chat so im wondering if there's a way to disable chat bubbles from other players and hide the chat window. I do know that you can disable the symbol art( as it seems a lot of players love to post hentai symbol art) but I don't see a way to disable anything else that involves the actual chat system. On FFXIV there aren't any chat bubbles but you can in fact hide the chat window.

I am in EXACTLY the same boat and am also looking for an option to hide chats. Not sure if you can change anything, by plugging a keyboard in, but it's worth a shot. There's nothing in the menus that I can see.

Hope the dev team see this and makes the option available, because sometimes, it's good to 'shut off' the social media side, and just enjoy the game. 🙂


This problem is especially bad because SEGA has been asking prominent streamers to promote PSO2 (and New Genesis in particular). When they got to the multiplayer section, people would start spamming and the streamers would be unable to find ways to turn chat bubbles off. They would then say if they can't find a way to turn it off, they would have to play anonymously instead of streaming. I can provide examples in PM if you wish.

The developers ought to make this issue one of their top priorities for PSO 2 (New Genesis), unless they want no well-known streamer to stream their games. It feels like the devs are not at all used to accommodating modern streaming practices. And no, please don't talk about reporting bad people or hoping people will behave. It's already too late when a bad chat bubble shows up in front of 20,000 live viewers.

Exactly. I’ve seen some heinous stuff on symbol art or in chat. XD

The game works fine without the chat window, maybe make a way to hide it in the quick menu? Or even make it dynamic and disappear after nothing is said?