After completing all the story quests in Episode 1, I went to claim all my titles from the title keeper npc Lachesis


But after claiming all the rewards I noticed I didn't receive the creator's emblem from finishing "Revealer of True Beginning". My inventory may have been full at the time when I claimed the reward which I feared may have bugged it. So I cleared out my inventory, and tried to claim the emblem after but it still didn't work.

Here are some screenshots of my inventory to show that the Creator's Emblem is not on my character. I have also checked the other storages in case but no emblem there either.




Is there any way I could reclaim the creator's emblem? Or could I request to get the Creator's Emblem next maintenance for compensation somehow? I spent one whole day to complete episode 1, just for the creator's emblem. Feels so bad that I wasted my time cause of a bug.

Would greatly appreciate any help.