Add certain salon options to external phasion menu

Some salon features really need to be brought out to the open world fasion menu. A particular annoying is the inability to show/hide ornaments outside of the salon. Some setwear I want to show ornaments and some I dont, or maybe I just want to change on the fly like I can with accessories (other than their size/position) so when changing outfits it requires going back to the salon to change ornament settings. Saving an ensemble doesnt overcome this either.

Also being able to change at motion types would be really helpful. Idle animation changing in particular will eventually be a major boon the more that get added.

I use the Looks feature. By saving your look into the Looks feature, you can use the chat command /mfx where x = the number of the look you saved, e.g. /mf1 activates look number 1, /mf20 activates look number 20.

Motion is something I'd also like improved. At least include the motions in the looks.

For example, when I'm wearing the Rappy Suit, I would like to use the Rappy motions. When I'm using a military look, I'd like to use the "Dive" glide motion. Having motions saved along with Looks would allow us to change them all on the fly with just one command.

@kztm Ive tried the Ensembles but they arent saving Ornament hiding conditions into them. I'm having to go to the salon to change those.

That sounds like an oversight to another new feature they added.

Here’s an example I’ve got: I recently updated my bunny gal accessories to use the new color match and anchor points for my bunny ears and tail. If I use the look thru fashion tab, it changes to it perfectly. If I use /mf1 to switch to it, it doesn’t load right. It forgets the ear color and the anchor point for the tail is forgotten as well... 😕