Better find GMs who really care about pso2 and try to improve the game because I heard that NA GMs left after ngs and Sega of America is handling NA server right now also sega America just proxy the JP stuff. Now NA GMs clueless as the playersand just do the funny twitter memes instead of trying to fix what NA server issues. Also NA server security is very terrible. What does NA GMs did improvement to pso2 even ngs? theres bot spammer they didnt even care, so mean bot spammer is their bot then? Also does NA GMs only work for money only and doesnt give a single F*ck about game improvement? Better gave to staff who really care to make improvement about pso2 and ngs.

Are you saying that NGS is the Wild West right now? >:3

I’ll admit the corporate memes are pretty cringe, but ppl are monitoring stuff that’s currently unfolding. Microsoft did not pay an exorbitant amount just for its product to not prosper. Plus I see regular GMs that’s been here over a year.