Numbers for sliders?

Was messing around in salon and saw that the eye color selection had number showing the exact color! 😃

I think it’s a great addition! ❤

Could this be added to the other sliders as well? It’d make it so much easier to customize. ❤

I 111% support this. (That 11 number, is a referance to a movie, where a tube amp used by a certain band, has a nob that goes to 11. Also the drummer always dies somehow, last one spontaneously combusts)

I'd live to see the numbers added to give exacting values, making it easier to free hand match aspects of bodies, rather than the synching system, that's hit and miss.

Exactly, it would sure beat counting slowly between sliders to figure out stuff. ❤

Hey, I'd like to say that this is something I've wanted for a while, a while being since 2012.

With the addition of colour codes this has helped me keep all my outfits, units and weapons consistent with the same colour instead of having to get a screenshot and overlay the previous item's colour position over PSO2, it would really make all the difference to folks wanting to get exact proportions down to the unit of measurement, as I still have to overlay screenshots over PSO2 if I wish to remake various points of a character on another, that can't be done via salon data loading.

So please, add my vote to this.

That would be nice to have.

Is ok to @ a GM to draw attention to a suggestion? 😨

In the benchmark character creator, i could just type in the numbers i wanted on the color selection slider. For some reason, that doesn't work in the salon, along with some other things.

That might be a bug honestly, hard to tell bug from feature anymore. XD


Weird. It works for me. It doesn't update the color dynamically, mind, I have to hit enter after typing out the numbers, but it does the thing.

@Zoe Huh. As it turns out, it doesn't work on a controller but it does work on the keyboard. Still can't hide clothing on body type 1 though.

That’s 100% a bug. :3

@Pariah-Chan said in Numbers for sliders?:

Is ok to @ a GM to draw attention to a suggestion? 😨

People have done that before.

Well I’d like to draw attention to the suggestion, because I think it would be beneficial in the long run. NGS is a completely new game, and I’d like to suggest this early before everything is mostly set in stone. ❤

One day before maintenance, I’d like to draw attention to this suggestion again. ❤

I was thinking about bumping this myself since it is such a good suggestion.