Urgent quest bugged

I have just recently got enough battle power to be able to enter urgent quests and tonight when I tried going into a command dolls suppression op urgent with my alliance, as soon as I got there the boss didn't spawn for me though could still see everyone else fighting it and the damage numbers , though nothing else, I couldn't see it, do damage to it nor take damage either, all I could do was stand around and occasionally revive someone who had been downed.

Has anyone else encountered this before? I don't want it to be regular since I haven't even taken part in a urgent yet on ngs.

If you’re playing on steam you might experience that issue.

Apparently it takes re installing something to fix it? I’d check the steam forums for more details.

No, I use the PSO2 tweaker to launch the game, never tried it through steam

@xBabydoll94x do a file check then, it will fix the corrupted file that is the reason why you can't see the boss