Where the F are malevolant gigantix? (p.s. Devs never do another system liek this as currently its a PoS layers of RNG)

as only ones i find in thunderstorm are the defiant or w/e dog. They do not coutn for limited quest...

as badly implemented as the gigantix system is the confront 5 of them being a specific one is another layer of PoS design.

devs reasons this system sucks:

Thunderstorms are rare as heck.

Thunderstorms last random amounts of duration.

Gigantix scale unfairly even if low lvls are in area (which is them doing what they are supposed to be doing..shouldnt punish them by making others rage at em for making fight harder/impossible)

9/10 times you will waste ur time and not kill it.

Loot is honestly not worth the PITA fight. (someone has math'd it out and its lei ka 1% dmg increase over reg series of weapons with a huge def debuff)

I ran into a malevolant last night in West Aelios, down towards the southern edge, past the city ruins part, on the beach with minimal maneuvering space. Didn't stand a chance because I was the only one there. Another player came and left. 😞

I saw one this morning and had to retreat cause i was on a lower lvl class. I went back after switching to my max lvl class and it was gone. 12 hrs later and i've yet to see another.

It wouldn't have been so bad if they had the chat command for changing class loadouts working. But no, they have to disable it and force us all to go back to Central to change classes. 😞