Never recieved PSO2 NGS Windows 10 / First Time Login Incentive rewards

Like the title says I never recieved these rewards for the 2 events "WINDOWS 10 AND XBOX ONE INCENTIVES" and "PSO2 NEW GENESIS FIRST TIME LOGIN INCENTIVES" I checked my campaign item receipt menu and there's nothing to be acquired. checked my storages and inventory and couldn't find them. Also I would have just made a support ticket but support is down right now.

Windows 10 and Xbox incentives you only gonna get then if you log in via Microsoft if not you not gonna get then.

Oh damn so if i log in with Microsoft thats gonna be a completely different account?

@Dougatron What you need to do is download the game from windows store and install it. After that, open up the version of the game youve been playing be it steam or epic and obtain a account link code from the login menus. write it down.

with that link code, exit the game and open windows store version. first time you load it it will ask you if you want to link to another account. select yesvand enter the code yourve written down. now you have access to your character from either platfirm. next just enter the game with your character and you will find the windows 10 login freebies from the visiphone in pso2 or menu > system > get campaign items in ngs