Gigantix content is obnoxiously absurd

I'm going to be honest, this content is extremely terrible, first you require storms that have no set schedule or pattern so you require players hunting Gigantix to literally sit around waiting for a storm to appear, then you need to fight the malignant boss first which is a feat itself before the storm dissipates which seems to have a random timer, I've personally witnessed a storm last a few minutes and another 15.

Then on top of that, if you have low level players around, that boosts the boss further so if you don't have a decent sized group all BP 1300+ then you really have no chance, I've seen people literally asking low levels or new players to literally leave the zone. This content should have been a new urgent quest for level 20 players at 1300 BP, not an open world 'raid' level event that is just poorly thought out.

This content is going to to just further agitate the already dwindling playerbase, I seriously hope next months 'content' is so much better than this.

Yeah, the fact that the game's open world structure and enemy region scaling by player count means any casual player trying to farm or grind is an active detriment to people hunting these things with no way to even predict when they'll occur has already led to toxicity towards the casual/low-level players. It's not a terrible idea on paper, but Gigantix require a rework from the ground up to not be actively negative for the community.

@Raikoh Fully agree with you

We took a few down as an alliance with a carefully loaded room, the despawn timer is really the issue since the storms last a random amount of time, if these bosses didn't despawn so fast after a storm ends it would solve some of the issues.

Reminds me of a post I made about adding a Tier 2 to exploration Zones. My how that would help with this....

@Amari-Kigu Yes. They didnt take any CBT feedback into consideration with Gigantix at all.


They didn’t listen to ANY feedback, so the chances of them changing this significantly is slim to none. 😧

Agreed. System sounds good on paper, but in practice its beyond busted and creating a toxic enviroment for ppl w/o any idea whats going on being hated on by others.

@Pariah-Chan said in Gigantix content is obnoxiously absurd:


They didn’t listen to ANY feedback, so the chances of them changing this significantly is slim to none. 😧

to be fair thats a valid reason.

and the only real issue was the daily requiring them (which they fixed).

@Hotaru251 People are getting hostile based on lvl 20 or not now. They really needed to listen to us during CBT about this, but they did absolutely nothing and the outcome is exactly the same "GTFO non-max-levels".

It’s time for an actual community to rise up in this game, or the elitism will literally push ppl away otherwise. Imagine just starting the game and told to leave the literal area the game wants you in?

It’s like roving packs of bullies dictating how to play the game now. 😕

@Pariah-Chan Again, your not wrong either. At the end of the day, and all is said and done - NGS was released in a shoddy state with systems that sounded great on paper but ultimately not implemented properly without sufficient testing and a blatant lack of content that only the most ardent of fans are defending, and people wonder why the servers are losing droves of players on a daily basis.

Once you've capped any 20/20 class, there isn't anything to do except monotonous grind to cap other classes and daily quests, the monotony of the grind gets old fast so people don't want to grind PSE bursts once they are capped so less players are doing it, which makes it harder for others to cap and the game gets old/stale fast leading to further decay in the playerbase.

NGS feels like a technical demo, graphically it is gorgeous and I can tell a lot of work has gone into crafting the world but graphics alone don't make a game, if you want people to enjoy a themepark and have them make their own need to give them the tools to do so, I've said it before....NGS is a theme park with only a couple of working rides and once you've ridden those rides there is nothing left to do but leave the park.

I honestly feel like Sega is following a very similar release path to PSO2, and that was slow because they wanted to release a steady flow of scratch cards and collab events on the JP server which distracted players from the lack of content in the early days, it feels like Sega is emulating that exact roll out plan, I hope I'm wrong in saying that.

I don’t think you’re wrong either, we’ve got a scratch every week, even if there’s no content with it. Most respectable developers make something worth playing before selling merch for it. XD


If the trigger quest are worse than this I worry for this game... o_o

@Pariah-Chan Right now, It feels like the Braver update is really the only thing to look 'forward' too, and that means back to a monotonous grind to cap it before Bouncer content, which looks like the start of actual meaningful content, so you are talking at least 3 months before something worthwhile appears.

Whats worse with the Gigantix content is the drops are also terrible, garbage drops with absolutely nothing dropping to make this torture even worth it, random veteran spawns give BETTER loot. Sega, your content is awful, forcing players to wait around for significant amount of time, for absolute garbage nonsense drops.

I mean the Straga or Strega or whatever gear is something for damage minmaxers given the Berserk potential, but if you have a Resurgir as is there's no reason to spend this much effort grinding for them.