Gameplay problems

I am playing melee with a controller and I think the gameplay has some issues:

  • When target locked, you can only dodge in 4 cardinal directions. Why is that?
  • Target locking is broken. It should target whatever you have targeted with the white mark. Too often it will target some random monster or a different part much further away. Attacks should also automatically lock-on to a nearby target when no target is locked on, which is not always the case with for example, counters. I don't think it's necessary to have the camera locked and following the locked on target. Monsters are very mobile and it make the camera go crazy sometimes. It makes it difficult to keep track of what's going on around you.
  • Attacks are constantly pushing you forward, causing you to get behind or inside monsters. Especially bad with twin daggers. Twin daggers also push you up, same problem with its photon blast. It'll cause you to miss the weak spot.
  • I think the camera should be a bit further behind your characters so I can see better, maybe not as much as during boss fight, but somewhere in between. Having the option to adjust it would be great.

I've been having huge problems with the targeting system as well. Losing target randomly, getting your desired target while cycling every other target/mob around is a pain. Sometimes I can't even get to the yellow core of the dragon before it closes again because it won't get to it while moving to the wings, feet, head when I'm smack in front of it (and the head is on my back the hell does it target that and not what's in front of me is weird.) I have tried every possible combination in the options to no avail. It simply won't work as it should.